Dozens of migrants waiting in front of the prefecture of Trieste to ask for a place to stay in the city's facilities, on October 5, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/Alice Rita Fumis
Berlin's acting mayor Franziska Giffey's claims Berlin is "at capacity" in terms of housing refugees | Photo: Dorothee Barth/dpa/picture-alliance
The intervention of the firefighters for the fire that broke out in the ghetto of Borgo Mezzanone, in the Foggia area, destroying a dozen shacks, October 1, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/ UFFICIO STAMPA VIGILI DEL FUOCO
Many German towns and cities are now struggling to host refugees | Photo: Picture-alliance
In Germany, eight out of ten people believe that racism is a common phenomenon when looking for accommodation, according to a report. | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa
From file: Accommodation center for asylum seekers in the 'Allianzhaus' in the city center of Mainz, Germany | Photo: Andreas Arnold/dpa/picture-alliance
In Cologne, finding an apartment can quickly become "Mission impossible" | Photo: Marco Wolter
Picture shows one of the rooms of the multi-functional space promoted by Ikea in Corsico. PHOTO Courtesy of Spazio Polifunzionale Corsico: Ikea and Progetto ARCA
From file: Construction work in Munich, Germany, in August 2022 | Photo: Picture-alliance
A view of people queuing in front of a tent at the arrival center for refugees from Ukraine at the former Tegel Airport in Berlin, Germany | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/CHRISTOPH SOEDER
The images of people camping outside the Ter Apel asylum reception center have sparked fury across The Netherlands | Photo: Vincent Jannink/picture alliance
From file: Migrants camping outside the Ter Apel asylum center, waiting to get a hearing | Photo: Imago