human trafficking

IOM workers have observed a steep increase of young women and girls arriving from Ivory Coast | Photo: REUTERS/Antonio Parrinello

A migrant demonstration in Geneva | Photo: EPA/SALVATORE DI NOLFI
When you only have minutes to reach out for help how do you direct rescue services to the right location? | Photo: picture-alliance/AP Photo/S. Palacios
The arrival at the port of Palermo of the Swedish Navy patroler Poseidon, with 571 migrants and 52 dead bodies aboard, 27 August 2015 | Photo:  ANSA/CHIARA GIARRUSSO
United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres delivers a speech as he arrives in Beni, North Kivu province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, September 1 September| Photo: EPA/Hugh Kinsella Cunningham
Worsening hurricanes in the Atlantic could drive increased climate migration | Photo: NASA/NOAA
This Nigerian woman arrived in Italy on a boat and was later forced into prostitution| Photo: ANSA/AP/Antonio Calanni
Security forces patrol along the border between Italy and Slovenia | Photo: ANSA/CRISTINA MISSORI
The border region between Libya and Tunesia is increasingly being fortified | COPYRIGHT: imago/Imagespic Agency/T. Wajdi
Federica Mogherini (L), High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, and Security Policy and EU Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos (R) | Photo: EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET
Antonio Vitorino (IOM) | Credit: IOM
The logo of the 'Little Invisible Slaves 2019' report | CREDIT: SAVE THE CHILDREN