A foreign home carer in an apartment in Rome | Photo: ANSA archive photo /Luciano Del Castillo
Construction worker at a building site in Hannover | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/J.Stratenschulte
Italy's former Interior minister Matteo Salvini | Photo: ANSA/LUCA ZENNARO
Refugees at a German language course | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/H.Kaiser
The ADA card | Photo: Mehdi Chebil
A line of police check cars on the German border | Photo: epd/O.Dietze
Migrants waiting in Lampedusa harbor to be brought in the island hotspot | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/Elio Desiderio
A picture of a German passport cover | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/ R. Vennenbernd
Migrants trying to reach western EU countries through Hungary as they gather in front of a fence on the Serbian side of the border between Serbia and Hungary | PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/EDVARD MOLNAR HUNGARY OUT
How does the “Fachkräftezuwanderungsgesetz” - or Skilled Immigration Act - make it easier for skilled professionals to migrate to Germany for work?
Actor Welket Bunguê holds up a jacket with a clear message at the Berlinale premiere of "Berlin Alexanderplatz" | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa
The Conservative Home Secretary (Interior Minister) Priti Patel says that the new system is about taking back control, attracting highly skilled people and reducing overall immigration | Photo: Imago