irregular migration

Police in Germany and other European countries frequently find migrants stowed away in trucks crossing Europe. | Photo: Reuters
About 5,000 Migrants currently live in three camps near the Lithuanian-Belarussian border | Photo: Mindaugas Kulbis/AP/picture-alliance
From file: German police discover several migrants inside truck in western Germany in October, 2020 | Photo: Andreas Arnold / picture-alliance / dpa
While Spain reports there had been over 39,000 arrivals by sea in 2021, it does not have figures of those who died while attempting the trip | Photo: Getty Images
Poland has put up fencing along its border with Belarus to try to stem the flow of migrants coming in | Photo: Safa Karacan/AA/picture-alliance
Hundreds of millions of migrants and refugees around the globe lack representation at governmental and political levels | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/SEDAT SUNA
Despite fortifications, migrants continue to cross the border between Greece and North Macedonia using irregular means | Photo: Zuma Press/imago
African migrants climb the border from Morocco to Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta, Spain | Photo: Reuters/Reuters TV
Digging through trash is the only livelihood left for many migrants in Istanbul | Screenshot: AFP video via DW
French police patrol the Slack dunes at Wimereux in late November 2021 | Photo: Pascal Rossignol / Reuters
Photo of a migrant who claims he was abused by Croatian police | Photo: Danish Refugee Council
The EU has accused Belarus of pushing people over EU borders with false promises of asylum | Photo: Oksana Manchuk/BelTA/AP/Picture-alliance