italian coast guard

From file: Migrants arriving earlier in April in Lampedusa, where the reception center is once again over capacity | Photo: Alberto Lo Bianco/LaPresse via ZUMA Press


: Alberto Lo Bianco/ZUMAPRESS/picture alliance
Survivors of a shipwreck off the Libyan coast are received in the Pozzallo port on Sicily | Picture: ARCHIVE/ANSA/FRANCESCA RUTA
A migrant rescued by a merchant vessel disembarks from a Malta Armed forces patrol boat  on April 17, 2023 | Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi / Reuters
FROM FILE: Italian coast guard seen rescuing migrants of a wooden boat near the island of Lampedusa on September 1, 2021 | Photo: Juan Medina/REUTERS
The Italian coast guard rescued around 2,000 migrants in various operations over the Easter weekend | Photo: Italian Coast Guard (Gaurdia Costiera) press release
The Italian coast guard has rescued 32 migrants by helicopter from a small island off Lampedusa | Photo: Italian coast guard (Guardia Costiera) / ANSA
The Louise Michel is financed by the artist Banksy, seen here detained in the port of Lampedusa for violations of the new decree | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/ELIO DESIDERIO
The coffins of the migrants who died after their boat sank off Steccato di Cutro, south of Crotone, Calabria region | Photo: ARCHIVE ANSA / CARMELO IMBESI
A boat drifting southeast of Malta, sighted by the Italian Coast Guard and reported to the Maltese authorities | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/GUARDIA COSTIERA MALTA /DC
Map showing the Italian island of Lampedusa (red marker), the Tunisian port city of Sfax and Malta | Source: Google Maps
Rescuers in the aftermath of a deadly migrant shipwreck in Steccato di Cutro near Crotone, Italy, February 28, 2023 | Photo: REUTERS/Remo Casilli
From file: A boat carrying 48 migrants from Tunisia near the Portuguese Navy Oceanic Patrol Vessel 'Viana do Castelo' off the coast of Pozzallo, Sicily, Italy | Photo: EPA/JOSE SENA GOULAO