italy s migration and security decree

Migrants on the 'Aquarius' rescue ship in the Catania harbor
Women, children and frail people were allowed to disembark from the Mare Jonio on August 29, 2019 |  Photo: Mediterranea Saving Humans
Migrants harvest tomatoes in Puglia | Photo: Sfruttazero
The building that hosts the social center ex Canapificio, the association that manages the SPRAR hosting system for refugees. | PHOTO: ANSA/ANTONIO PISANI
Law enforcement in front of the centre for repatriations in Ponte Galeria, in Rome | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/FABIO FRUSTACI
Interior Minister Matteo Salvini during an ANSA forum | Photo: ANSA/ETTORE FERRARI
A young migrant disembarks from the Sea-Watch 3 search-and-rescue ship as they dock in the port of Catania, Italy, 31 January 2019 | Photo: ANSA/ORIETTA SCARDINO
Ramy Shehata (L), the student of the middle school who made the rescue call to the Carabinieri police from a bus with 51 schoolchildren aboard set on fire by a driver, smiles as he speaks with one of the Carabinieri officers who stopped the bus and arrested the man in the San Donato Milanese Carabinieri Station near Milan, Italy. |Photo: ANSA/DANIEL DAL ZENNARO.
The cover of "Registry and Rights: What Changes With the Salvini Decree" | Credit: CILD
Migrants in Italy | Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa / C. Fusco
A scene from the inauguration of the annual Court of Cassation term in Rome | Credit: ANSA/ALESSANDRO DE MEO