italy s migration and security decree

Ramy Shehata (L), the student of the middle school who made the rescue call to the Carabinieri police from a bus with 51 schoolchildren aboard set on fire by a driver, smiles as he speaks with one of the Carabinieri officers who stopped the bus and arrested the man in the San Donato Milanese Carabinieri Station near Milan, Italy. |Photo: ANSA/DANIEL DAL ZENNARO.
The cover of "Registry and Rights: What Changes With the Salvini Decree" | Credit: CILD
Migrants in Italy | Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa / C. Fusco
A scene from the inauguration of the annual Court of Cassation term in Rome | Credit: ANSA/ALESSANDRO DE MEO
A demonstration against the security and migration decree in Genoa | Photo: ANSA/LUCA ZENNARO
From archive: African migrants near Lampedusa, Italy. February 2014. | Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa/ Italian Navy Press
Refugees at the Sicilian port of Augusta in Italy, 2017 | Photo: REUTERS / Antonio Parrinello
People disembarking from the Aquarius ship in the port of Palermo | Photo: ANSA/IGOR PETYX
The logo of the Umanitalia initiative | Photo: In Migrazione
Italy's Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini during a TV talk show | Photo: ANSA
Demonstrators march in Rome to protest Italy's new anti-migrant laws, December 2018 | Photo: Picture-alliance
A migrant woman in Crotone, Calabria (southern Italy). Photo: ANSA file picture