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An insecure job may be better than no job, but does 'temp' work help integration? | Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa/ K. Nietfeld
Migrants protesting for better wages in the province of Foggia, southern Italy| Photo: ANSA/FRANCO CAUTILLO
Elena says she does not miss anything about her country except her brothers
The national railway in Austria OeBB had 500 posts on display at the Vienna jobs fair on January  23 | Photo: Imago
Job qualifications and German language skills remain the keys to labor market success
View of the Schweinfurt anchor center in Bavaria | Photo: Picture-alliance
Fruits and vegetables at a market. Strawberries' harvest is where most Moroccan women will be employed in Spain | Photo: ANSA / MICHEL GUNTHER-WWF
The Sona Circle app looks to bridge the gap between refugees and finding a new life | Credit: Sona Circle
Medical workers in Germany
Most of the work opportunities under the FIM program are based on community service
One euro jobs for refugees
Migrants often do jobs that do not require German proficiency