Fears grow for a Pakistani journalist missing in Sweden | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa
Some of the team behind Black Post. From left to right: Soumaila Diawara, Luca De Simoni, Sandro Medici, Kante Bangaly Fode, Sofonias Kassahun and Saouda Saré | Photo: Private
Arabs in Berlin | Photo: Getty Images/S. Gallup
Ernest and Zozan discuss their ideas about podcasts during a seminar at The Guardian as part of the Refugee Journalism Project | Photo: Veronica Otero
Mahbuba (right) is passionate about journalism | Photo: Private
Zozan worked as a multimedia journalist | Photo: With kind permission of Zozan Yasar.
Ernest Zhanaev stands in front of a bookshop in London | Photo: Private
 A hand paints the Sudanese flag on a wall | Photo: InfoMigrants
"I want to give something back to Berlin"
The Greek newspaper 'Migratory bird' | Photo: Marie-Christine Spies
Anas M., who became the victim of an anti-refugee smear campaign on Facebook after taking a selfie with Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaks to reporters outside a courthouse in Bavaria
"I am in between a lot of things. Not sure, what to say, what to do. It’s like I am in a prison"