kurdish autonomy

From file: 51 migrants who had been living in France and Germany requested voluntary return to Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan | Photo: Kai Pffenbach / Reuters
Hundreds of thousands of Yazidis had to flee from the Islamic State, many of them are living in refugee camps in northern Iraq, where the rate of suicide is on the rise | Photo: picture alliance/AA
Sartep Namiq | Photo: Gesellschaft der Neuen Auftraggeber
Hundreds of Syrian Kurds have left the border region and crossed into northern Iraq since the start of the conflict | Photo: picture-alliance/AP Photo

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the opening ceremony of the Turkish Parliament in Ankara | Photo: EPA/TURKISH PRESIDENT OFFICE
Zozan worked as a multimedia journalist | Photo: With kind permission of Zozan Yasar.
An image of the team Dalkurd FF during a game. Credit: Dalkurd FF