A border guard patrolling the Greek border | Photo: Giannis Papanikos/AP Photo/picture-alliance
Migrants following a training course in Bolzano | Photo: ARCHIVE7 ANSA/Stefan Wallisch
A group of migrants during an Italian lesson at Gonzaga Campus in Palermo | Photo: Gonzaga Campus website
Tito Martin gives a lesson of Spanish in his private garage to migrants who have arrived on the island by boat on July 21, 2021 | Photo: Borja Suarez/Reuters
AaliaTech is an app that translates conversations between healthcare providers and patients in their native languages. Credit: Aalia.Tech
Two young refugees (third, fifth from the left) who won scholarships to the University of Florence | Photo: CREDIT/University of Florence Facebook page via ANSA
Asylum seekers and volunteers get together in the "Cafe of the South" in Leipzig, 3 March 2016 | Photo: Picture alliance/ZB/S. Willnow
Refugee in Berlin taking selfie with Angela Merkel in 2015 | Photo: Picutre-alliance/dpa/B.Jutrczenka
Getting the information out there to people who do not understand official information provided in German – a tweet from Nalan Sipar | Screenshot Twitter/@NalanSipar
Italian President Sergio Mattarella | Photo: ANSA
Arabs in Berlin | Photo: Getty Images/S. Gallup
Asylum seeker children learning at a reception center in Germany, 2016 | Photo: picture alliance/P. Steffen