Libyan government forces prepare for an operation against Khalifa Haftar's troops in Tripoli, 8 April, 2019 | picture-alliance/ZumaPress
Kelly Clements, Deputy High Commissioner for the UNHCR sat down with InfoMigrants | Video: Cem Springer. Subtitles: Aasim Saleem
Inside the Zintan migrant detention centre in Libya, in March, 2019. Photo: DR
Members of the Libyan National Army (LNA) pose for a picture as they head out of Benghazi to reinforce troops advancing to Tripoli. April 7 2019 | Photo: Reuters / Esam Omran Al-Fetori
Forces loyal to Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar patroling in downtown Sebha
The vessel El Hiblu I, at sea | Photo: Picture-alliance/G. Schwermer
Migrants in a detention center in Libya | EPA/STR
Carabinieri block a boat carrying migrants at the entrance to Lampedusa port. | Photo: ANSA/ELIO DESIDERIO
Migrants in Italy | Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa / C. Fusco
A migrant held in the Zintan center. Photo: DR
A protest on Lampedusa with Don Carmelo La Magra, a priest on the island. March 19, 2019 | ANSA
Migrants in a detention center in Libya | EPA/STR