From file: 17-year-old Ethiopian migrant Abdul-Rahman Taha, shows his amputated leg, a consequence of torture by smugglers | Photo: picture-alliance/AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty
Migrant rescue vessel Sea-Eye 4 leaving the port of August on Sicily on April 6 | Photo: Maik Lüdemann/
African migrants gather outside the UNHCR headquarters in Tunis, Tunisia, 19 April 2022 | Photo: EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA
Libya receives EU support to train its coastguard to intercept and return migrants | Photo: picture-alliance/S. Palacios
During another shipwreck in the Mediterranean, this man was rescued by the crew of the Sea-Watch 3 | Photo: Michél Kekulé / Sea Watch International
From file: Germany has said it will not train the Libyan coast guard as part of Operation Irini  | Photo: picture-alliance/German Ministry of Defence
Victor receiving care for TB at Tripoli Hospital in Libya | Photo: ANSA / Stringer
From file: Many migrants have reported suffering abuse and torture in Libya at the hands of authorities and trafficking gangs | Photo: EPA/STRINGER
The El Hiblu 3 are telling their own stories ahead of the third anniversary of their arrest | Photo: Joanna Demarco / Amnesty International
A group of 30 migrants were rescued by the Ocean Viking in international waters off the Libyan coast on March 24, 2022 | Photo: Jérémie Lusseau/SOS MEDITERRANEE
Libyan Red Crescent workers pick up bodies near Sabratha, February 28, 2022 | Credit: Twitter @rgowans / Libyan Red Crescent
From file: Migrants picked up at sea by the Libyan coast guard in Khoms, around 120 kilometers east of Tripoli | Photo: AP Photo/Hazem Ahmed,File