The shantytown of San Ferdinando in the plane of Gioia Tauro, near Reggio Calabria | Photo: ANSA/ALESSANDRO SGHERRI
An Italian police officer from the Squadra Mobile | Photo: ANSA
Police arrested suspected members of two Nigerian criminal gangs in Italy and abroad | Photo: ANSA/US POLIZIA DI STATO
An operation conducted by Italian police against Nigerian organized crime | Photo: ANSA/CIRO FUSCO
From file: Migrant workers working at tomato harvest in the farmlands of Foggia, Puglia region in Italy, August 2013 | Picture-alliance/ROPI/A.Pisacreta
Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando at the ANSA forum. | Credit: ANSA
An Italian financial police video shows the fast dinghies used by the traffickers | Credit: ANSA/GUARDIA DI FINANZA
One of the vans used to transport migrants to work in the fields and hired by bosses linked to organized crime groups.PHOTO/CARABINIERI
A man walking down a street in Palermo (DW/Y.Gostoli)
Migrants protest at the Center in Isola Capo Rizzuto, where the local mafia was allegedly cashing in on migrants' hospitality and assistance. Credit: Francesco Arena /ANSA
Castel Volturno mayor Dimitri Russo announced that the municipality would be using real estate confiscated from the Camorra to foster migrant integration  | Photo: ANSA
Migrant boats are being intercepted by the Guaria Civil | Credit: ANSA