matteo piantedosi

Migrants are frequently caught in distress in international waters and the Maltese SAR zone | Photo: picture-alliance/Valeria Ferraro/Anadolu Agency
A new chapter begins for the migrants leaving the Ocean Viking - as the NGO rescue vessel prepares to embark on its next mission | Photo: Frey Lindsay
Staff from the Ocean Viking are seen saving 39 shipwrecked people here in the rescue area allocated to Malta | Photo: TWITTER / SOS MEDITERRANEE
Mission Lifeline rescue December 16, 2022 | Source Twitter, photo: Johannes Räbel
From file: Migrants celebrate Labour Day in Milan with a march organized by Italian unions Cigl, Cisl and Uil | Photo: ANSA/Matteo Bazzi
114 refugees evacuated from Libya arrive in Rome on 30 Nov 2022 | Photo: Alessandro Serranó / Avalon