medical care

Asparagus harvest in Hesse, where farmers fear the fruit and vegetable harvest will suffer after a ban on seasonal workers from outside Germany, March 2020 | Photo: A. Arnold/picture/alliance
A makeshift camp in San Ferdinando, southern Italy on December 2, 2018 | Photo: ANSA/Alessandro Sgherri
Dr Al-Qhadi treating her first patient after the Al Jufainah health center opened | CREDIT: IOM/Olivia Headon
2019 saw a rise in organ donation in Germany, but not enough to meet demand | Photo: picture alliance/S. Stache
If you are undocumented, you have no insurance and are therefore not entitled to medical care
In France,  Affoussata became the mother of a little girl
Pietro Bartolo, the 'migrants' doctor,' is now a member of European Parliament | Photo: ANSA
Undocumented migrants in Greece are excluded from the national health system, except for emergency hospital visits | Photo: picture alliance
A young man talking to a therapist
The lack of access to healthcare in France excludes the most vulnerable people from the health system, according to a report by Doctors of the World. On the front line: migrants, with and without papers. Photo credits: DoW / Olivier Papegnies - Huma Collective
Pregnant women are legally entitled to health care, even if they are in Germany 'illegally', but many put off seeking help.
An illegal settlement that houses migrants who work in the fields of Borgo Mezzanone | Photo: ANSA/Franco Cautillo