mediterranean sea

Migrant rescue vessel Sea-Eye 4 leaving the port of August on Sicily on April 6 | Photo: Maik Lüdemann/
34 migrants, rescued first by a container ship, were transferred onto the private rescue ship Sea-Eye 4 on Sunday, May 8 | Photo: Sea-Eye on Twitter @seaeyeorg
Disembarking from the Geo Barents after more than a week at sea, May 3, 2022 | Photo: 
Pantelia, Anna/MSF
From file: The cemetery of the unidentified, in Zarzis, Tunisia, where the bodies of around 500 migrants are buried | Photo: InfoMigrants
Several survivors of a shipwreck off Lebanon said the Lebanese navy ship rammed their boat. Photo reads (in Arabic): 'Army Command - Directorate Department' | Photo: picture-alliance
Libya receives EU support to train its coastguard to intercept and return migrants | Photo: picture-alliance/S. Palacios
An image of one of the migrants rescued by the Sea-Watch 3 over the weekend | Photo: Twitter feed @Seawatch_intl
A picture of the Karina taken from the Sea-Eye 4's rescue boat | Photo: Sea-Eye Twitter feed @seaeyeorg / Joe Rabe / Sea Eye
On Friday, March 25, the crew of Ocean Viking rescued 128 men, women and children from an overcrowded boat in the Mediterranean | Photo: tweet from @SOSMedIntl
In Zarzis in western Tunisia, a migrant graveyard has been erected due to the high number of deaths in recent years | Photo: DW/S. Mersch
From file: Migrant boats intercepted by the Tunisian coast guard get destroyed to prevent more crossing attempts; as seen here near Zarzis | Photo: Mehdi Chebil
Rescued migrants arrive at the port of Roccella Jonica in Calabria, November 14, 2021 | Photo: Alessandra Tarantino/AP/Picture-alliance