From file: Migrants cross the barrier between Melilla and Morocco | Photo: Reuters
The border wall separating the Spanish enclave of Ceuta from Morocco, May 21, 2021 | Photo: Diego Radames / Anadolu Agency
Moroccan and sub-Saharan migrants gather at the border of the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, 19 May 2021 | Photo: Jalal Morchidi / EPA
Ayoub, a 20-year-old undocumented Moroccan in Melilla | Photo: InfoMigrants
Hundreds of minors arriving in Ceuta | Photo: Reuters
Two young people climb the fence at the port of Melilla, Thursday, May 20, 2021 | Photo: InfoMigrants
Moroccan youths talk with a member of an organization in Melilla | Photo: InfoMigrants
Migrant arriving in Ceuta,May 18. 2021 | Photo: Reuters
The Spanish authorities are hoping that mainland regions will help ease the overcrowding of minors in the small enclave | Photo: Bernat Armangue / AP Photo / picture alliance
In all about 8,000 migrants are reported to have entered Ceuta since Monday, more than half of them have already been expelled state the Spanish govnerment | Photo : Reuters
A migrant trying to cross the Ceuta border fence on April 13, 2021 | Photo: Antonio Sempere/Lagencia/imago images
From file: Clothing on the triple wire fence separating Melilla from Morocco | Photo: picture-alliance
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