migrant boat

A view of RAF Scampton in Lincoln, one of several new military sites earmarked to accommodate asylum seekers and migrants in the UK | Photo: Callum Parker / empics / picture alliance
Migrants leaving the Life Support in the port of Ortona, Italy, on March 28, 2023 | Photo: Marco Zac/NurPhoto/IMAGO
Survivors seek answer after boat disaster | Photo: Alessandro Serrano / AGF / AVALON / Photoshot / picture alliance
From file: Migrants from sub-Saharan Africa sit in a makeshift boat off the coast of Tunisia's central city of Sfax on October 4, 2022 | Photo: Fethi Belaid / AFP
An additional five bodies have been recovered following a shipwreck which took place off the Calabrian coast on February 26 | Photo: Reuters
From file: The Turkish coast guard regularly publishes statements about its activities in the Aegean, often claiming they have had to rescue boats pushed back by the Greek authorities | Photo: picture-alliance/Turkish coast guard/Anadolu Agency
From file: Migrants are taken to the port of Dover after they were picked up in the English Channel January 10, 2022 | Photo: Reuters
Shoes of immigrants are pictured on the beach, who died after their boat capsized, in Qassr Alkhyar, Libya February 14, 2023 | Photo: REUTERS/ Libyan Red Crescent/Handout
People disembarking the Humanity 1 rescue ship operated by SOS Humanity. | Photo credit: Nicole Thyssen / SOS Humanity
From file: A migrant is transferred in a wheelchair after disembarking from a Spanish
coast guard vessel on the island of Gran Canaria,
 | Photo: Borja Suarez / Reuters
From file: After a shipwreck in the Mediterranean | Photo: Reuters / Giorgios Moutafis
The crew of the Geo Barents carry out a rescue operation in the Mediterranean on Wednesday, January 25 | Photo: Mohammed Cheblak / MSF Doctors without Borders handout via Reuters