migrant camps

A woman waits for her turn to get treatment in a detention center in Tripoli, 2018 | Photo: AP Photo/Mohame Ben Khalifa
Migrants stand by as police dismantle a makeshift tent camp in northern Paris. Photo: Paris
Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini (L) and Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando |  Photo: ANSA
The migrant camp at Porte de la Chapelle in Paris. Credit: InfoMigrants
Between 250 and 300 migrants live in a sports hall on the outskirts of Nantes. Photo: InfoMigrants
InfoMigrants Claire Paccalin visit the Moria camp on Lesbos and meets a family suffering psychological pain
Police preside over the evacuation of the buildings at the ex-MOI, the former Olympic village in Turin that has been occupied for years by refugees and migrant families. |PHOTO: Archive / ANSA/ Alessandro Di Marco
Picture shows an immigrant at a temporary shelter in Lampedusa, Italy. | Photo: Archive / ANSA / Ettore Ferrari
Screenshot of Kelly Clements, Deputy High Commissioner of the UNHCR in the Interview at InfoMigrants / DW | Photo: Cem Springer, InfoMigrants, DW
Bulldozers demolishing shacks used by migrants near Foggia | PICTURE: ANSA
Policemen keep watch over some of the 400 migrants that managed to jump off the border fence between Spain and Morocco, in Ceuta, Spanish enclave in northern Africa, 26 July 2018 | EPA/REDUAN
Migrants in a detention center in Libya | EPA/STR