migrant smuggling

The state police in south west Germany (Mittelfranken) put up a warning on December 1 about snow falls in the area which could cause traffic accidents | Source: Twitter account for Polizei Mittelfranken @PolizeiMFR
Migrants crossing the English Channel, September 2020 | Photo: picture-alliance/P. Bonniere
A screenshot from Twitter of Mawda who was two years old when she was killed in Belgium | Source: Twitter screenshot
A Syrian boy in a reception center in Slovenia | Photo: EPA/MARIJAN MURAT
Bangladeshis on board the Aquarius in May 2017 | Photo: Charlotte Boitiaux
Migrants enter a camp for refugees on Cyprus | Photo: picture-alliance / AP Photo/ P. Karadijas
From the archives: Police stop a refrigerated lorry where a migrant tried to hide | Pasquale Claudio Montana Lampo / ANSA
Police checks on the road that leads to the border crossing with France in Ventimiglia | Photo:  ANSA/LUCA ZENNARO
Czech customs officers found 48 illegal migrants, probably Syrians, in a semitrailer truck they stopped and checked on the D2 highway near Breclav in the Czech Republic on November 5, 2020 | Photo: CTK Photo/Vaclav Salek)
Archive: Carabinieri stop a group of migrants in Sardinia | Photo: ANSA
A police car in Serbia | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/K.Sulejmanovic
A picture from Frontex' twitter feed to announce the strengthening of operations on the Montenegrin borders | Source: Frontex Twitter