migrant smuggling

Police and other first responders work the scene where officials say dozens of people have been found dead after a semitrailer containing suspected migrants was found in San Antonio, Texas on June 27, 2022 | Photo: Eric Gay/AP
A 19-year old people smuggler (center) was sentenced to seven years in jail on June 27, 2022, following the deaths of two Syria refugees in October 2021 | Photo: Theresa Puchegger/APA/THERESA PUCHEGGER/picturedesk.com/picture-alliance
From file: A police control near Sospel in 2017 | Photo: Mehdi Chebil / InfoMigrants
From file: A picture of a van similar to those used by the smugglers, released by the UK Home Office | Source: UK Home Office Press Release
Europol is at the forefront of fighting illegal migration patterns to Europe and the risks associated with migrant smuggling | Photo: Y. Nakao/imago/AFLO
Thursday's arrests were linked to the deaths of two Syrians who suffocated in an overfilled van at the Hungarian border | Photo: Robert Jaeger/AFP
A screenshot from the NCA video showing the moment when suspect Hewa R was arrested by two police officers in the UK | Source: Screenshot NCA Twitter feed @NCA_UK
From file: Greek Police officers detain migrants without legal residence permits in Athens
| Photo: Dimitris Aspiotis/Pacific Press
From file: The suspects are accused of smuggling Syrians from Europe through Ireland and around the UK via Belfast City Airport | Photo: Danny Lawson / Picture Alliance / Empics
Memorials for the victims of the lorry tragedy were held in Vietnam | Photo: Reuters/Khan
Migrants attempting to board an inflatable boat to cross the English Channel | Photo: Reuters
Hungary came under heavy criticism for pushing asylum seekers back to Serbia | Photo: Picture-alliance