migrant workers

Workers at a glass factors | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa
The tent where a migrant died in a fire that broke out in the new tent camp managed first by the city and now by Caritas in San Ferdinando. Photo: ANSA
Many women are forced into prostitution to 'repay' the costs of coming to the UK | Photo: Picture-alliance/PAWire/D.Lipinski
Operation by the carabinieri in Calabria, March 2019. PHOTO/ANSA
A carer and a patient in an elderly care center | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/O.Berg
Moussa hopes to open the first Ivorian restaurant in Athens with the help of the IRC and Citi Foundation and 'Back my Business' | Photo: IRC / Elena Heatherwick
Italian police say thousands of fans were put at risk through the use of untrained and exploited migrants as event security | Photo: Giorgio Benvenuti/ANSA
A picture of a Carabinieri staring into a freezing canal from the ANSA archive | Photo: ANSA
A police operation against a criminal organization that exploited hundreds of migrants workers near Latina, Italy took place last week | PHOTO/ANSA/STATE POLICE PRESS OFFICE
Radia* in her house in southern Spain | Credit: Ismail Azzam
African woman working on a farm in Italy. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/ANSA/OXFAM
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