migrant workers

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban | Photo: ANSA/Fabio Frustaci
Every day, Abdul Manaf sets out on his electric bike to deliver food in and around Metz | Photo: Abdul Manaf Zahid
Too many migrants work in low-level jobs, the Integration Commissioner says
Illegal work can be dangerous in many ways | Photo: Imago/Thomas Imo
Migrants in front of the Felandina sheds in Metaponto di Bernalda | Photo: ANSA/FRANCESCO LOSCALZO
Migrants harvest oranges in the fields of Rosarno in Calabria | Photo:  ANSA/FRANCO CUFARI
The Brenner Pass border crossing between Italy and Austria | ANSA/IRIS GARAVELLI
Migrants harvest tomatoes in Puglia | Photo: Sfruttazero
The building in Metaponto di Bernalda where a fire broke out and a young migrant died | Photo: ANSA
Filmmaker and Comedian Checco Zalone denied the allegations against his film "Tolo Tolo" | COPYRIGHT: Imago Images/Future Image/S. Gabsch
Twelve people were killed in an accident in Lesina, in the southern province of Foggia, on August 6, 2018. Some of the victims were migrant farmworkers who were travelling in a van on their way back from the fields | Photo: ANSA/FRANCO CAUTILLO
A police operation against worker exploitation | Photo: ANSA/UFFICIO STAMPA POLIZIA DI RAGUSA