migrants in italy

Migrants disembark in the port of Lampedusa, 24 July 2020 | Photo: Reuters
A protest of migrants in Naples demanding more rights including the 'citizenship wage' basic income | Photo: ANSA/CESARE ABBATE
A guide for getting back to Italy if you are a foreign resident there is more complicated than the law might suggest | Photo: ANSA / Alessandro Di Meo
The barracks in Udine were quarantined after migrants tested positive for COVID-19 | Photo: ANSA/Udine Police Press Office
Bangladeshi migrants in Rome, Italy | Photo: DW/A.Islam
A worker holding up documents at a protest in Rome | Photo: DW/E. Oddone
A screenshot from a video showing a Nigerian woman who was illegally taken to Italy and then forced to work as a prostitute | Photo: ANSA/Carabinieri
Migrants hosted in Udine where three asylum seekers have tested positive for coronavirus | Photo: ANSA/Tino Romano
The heads of the CGIL, CISL, and UIL unions have presented a new five-language handbook to explain the world of work to those with limited Italian skills in the CISL offices in Trento | Photo: ANSA

Italian police during a search operation for migrants that fled the Taranto hotspot in southern Italy | Photo: ANSA/Concetta Rizzo
From file: Migrant workers working at tomato harvest in the farmlands of Foggia, Puglia region in Italy, August 2013 | Picture-alliance/ROPI/A.Pisacreta
Farmworkers in a field | Photo: ANSA/Quotidiano Del Sud