migrants in italy

A demonstration against the gangmaster system in Caserta, southern Italy | Photo: ANSA
Italian minister for agriculture Teresa Bellanova in Foggia for a march by the organization Libera against criminality that exploits migrants, on January 10, 2020 | Photo: ANSA
A scene from a protest by migrant farmworkers following the killing of Soumaila Sacko, a 29-year-old migrant from Mali, in San Ferdinando (Reggio Calabria) June 4, 2018 |Photo: ANSA/Marco Costantino
Italian President Sergio Mattarella | Photo: ANSA
Some of the team behind Black Post. From left to right: Soumaila Diawara, Luca De Simoni, Sandro Medici, Kante Bangaly Fode, Sofonias Kassahun and Saouda Saré | Photo: Private
Ella Antony celebrates her 33th birthday at the supermarket where she works | Photo: ANSA
A boat intercepted by the Porto Empedocle financial police in the waters off the Realmonte municipality, after several Tunisians had disembarked from the vessel | Photo: ANSA/ UFFICIO STAMPA GUARDIA FINANZA
Foreign mothers in Italy breastfeeding | Photo: ANSA/Claudio Peri
The INPS logo | Photo:  Filippo Monteforte/ANSA/PAL
OASI on the street was created by Mosaico, a support group for refugees, founded and run by refugees in Turin | Source: Screenshot mosaico
Migrants working at the production of wine by 'Agricoltura Capodarco' | Photo: Agricoltura Capodarco
Archive photo of migrants at Bolzano station | Photo: ANSA/Stefan Wallisch