migrants in italy

Foreign workers in Tuscany | Photo: ANSA/State Police
Migrants rest outside the Tiburtina station while they wait for volunteers of the Baobab association who distribute food and basic necessities | Photo: ANSA
A person harvesting tomatoes between Lesina and San Nazario, southern Italy, on May 7, 2020 | Photo: ANSA/Franco Cautillo
A group of migrants that reached Porto Empedocle on August 23, 2019 | Photo: ANSA/Pasquale Claudio Montana Lampo
Extending a helping hand to migrants and showing solidarity sums up the Baobab Experience | Source: With kind permission of Baobab Experience website
A doctor measuring the blood pressure of a migrant farmworker | Photo: ANSA/Massimo Percossi
Migrants at a CAS reception center during the COVID-19 emergency, April 27, 2020 | Photo: ANSA/TINO ROMANO
Migrants during a protest calling for amnesty, Turin, May 11, 2020 | Photo: Picture-alliance
The move is designed to help both migrants and Italy's ailing economy | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/OXFAM
According to the newspaper La Repubblica over 700 migrants have arrived in Sicily during the lockdown, over half in the first few days of May | Photo: Guardia di Finanza
A migrant takes a photo with his cell phone during a demonstration against racism promoted by the Movimento Migranti e Rifugiati di Caserta a Castelvolturno |Photo: ANSA/Cesare Abate
In the photo, a freeze frame from the video 'Non sono io' (It's not me) | Source: ANSA/COSPE