A child drinks from the tap of a UNHCR water tank at a refugee camps | Photo: Imago/ZUMA Press/G.Cloarec
Migrants at a lesson in the Catania asylum seekers reception center | photo archive ANSA / Orietta Scardino
Sub-Saharan migrants arrive at Leka Enea School, fitted out by Spanish Red Cross to shelter transiting migrants, at the border town of Irun. Credit: EPA/JUAN HERRERO
Migrants sit at the Njila detention center in Tripoli, Libya.Credit: EPA/STR
An Italian Coast Guard unit near the island of Ischia. Credit: ANSA/COAST GUARD
A protest in Berlin against Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela. About a 150 people stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to protest. | Photo: Imago / Christian Ditsch
Europe’s border in Africa | DW Documentary (Migration documentary)
A picture of a Carabinieri staring into a freezing canal from the ANSA archive | Photo: ANSA
An archive picture of a prostitute apparently waiting for clients by a road in Milan Italy | Photo: Picture Alliance / ROPI
Refugees in Germany | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/C.Schmidt
Migrants in the Mediterranean aboard a sinking dinghy. | Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa / SOS MEDITERRANÉE / L. Schmid
Rescued migrants on board a Sea-Eye boat | Photo: Picture Alliance / dep / Sea-Eye.org)