missing persons

From file: Tunisian coast guard boat in the Mediterranean Sea off Isle of Djerba | Photo: Natalia Seliverstova/dpa/picture-alliance
ECPAT's title photo on its Twitter account shows what appear to be young migrants standing on a UK beach | Source: @ECPATUK
Tourists on the Greek islands frequently discover reminders of the migrant situation - like this abandoned boat on Lesbos | Photo: Guillaume Pinon/NurPhoto/picture-alliance
People in a dinghy off the coast of Libya with a ship in the background | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/O.Calvo
From file: Rescued migrants disembark in the port of Malaga, southern Spain, on August 14, 2018 | 
 Photo: REUTERS/Jon Nazca
A rescue operation in the Mediterranean on Sunday, December 4, carried by the crews of the ships Humanity 1 and Louise Michel in international waters off the Libyan coast | Photo: Nicole Thyssen/SOS Humanity Via AP
Screenshot from tunisienumerique.com (Tunisia News) which reported Monday that the families of the missing exhumed several graves in the Gardens of Africa cemetery
Greek coast guard vessel | Photo: picture-alliance/Zumapress
Nine of the survivors huddle in thermal blankets on board a Greek coast guard vessel after being found on land | Photo: picture alliance / Associated Press
Protestors in Zarzis are calling on authorities to investigate the disappearance of their loved ones at sea | Source: Screenshot from tunisienumerique.com
Families of missing people have long called for a new organization to help find relatives | Photo: Picture-alliance
UNHCR envoy Vincent Cochetel said his remarks reflected his frustration at smugglers enjoying impunity | Photo: UNHCR / S. Hopper