moria camp

Asmall boy washing his feet at Kara Tepe camp on Lesbos island, Greece | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/VANGELIS PAPANTONIS
A woman and a man in a wheelchair sitting outside a tent in the Kara Tepe camp, Lesbos, Greece | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/VANGELIS PAPANTONIS
Women live at least eight to a 'room' in the temporary structures | Photo: Screenshot WhatsApp
Between January and May 2017, a total of 6,142 people arrived on the Greek islands of Lesbos, Chios and Samos | Photo: Picture-alliance/AA/E.Martinena
The fires devastated the Moria camp | Photo: Reuters/A.Konstantinidis
From file: Aerial view of the former Moria migrant camp on Lesbos | Photo : EPA/Dimitris Tosidis
Kara Tepe temporary reception facility on Lesbos, Greece, has been declared largely equipped for winter by the migration minister, Notis Mitarakis | Photo: private
A police vehicle is seen patroling the Mavrovouni camp | Photo: picture-alliance/NurPhoto/Nicolas Economou
Large areas of the Kara Tepe camp in Lesbos are a sea of dirty water and mud | Credit: NGO Aegean Boat Report
Refugees and migrants wait to be transferred from the island of Lesbos to the Greek mainland | Photo: AFP/MANOLIS LAGOUTARIS
Lesbos Reception and Identification Center, 7 October 2020 | Photo: Marion MacGregor / InfoMigrants
Thousands of migrants have been sleeping on the streets since the fire at Moria broke out | Photo: Reuters/A. Konstantinides