moroccan migrants

From file: Spanish rescuers were busy this weekend, pulling people from the waters around their Atlantic archipelago, the Canary Islands | Photo: Picture Alliance / Pacific Press
From file: Many migrant labor work in the shadow economy, some of those toil in the vast greenhouses which cover much of southern Spain, including Almeria | Photo: DW/A.Williams
From file: Boats used by migrants to reach the Canary Islands are seen on a beach in Gran Canaria | Photo: Reuters
Care worker Fatima from Morocco has lived in limbo in Germany for seven years | Photo: Ben Knight / DW
From file: A group of Moroccans cross the Straits of Gibraltar on an inflatable boat in 2018 | Photo: Reuters / Jon Nazca
Ayoub arrived in France in 2021 - and now has a diploma and is living in Paris | Photo: Dany Mitzman / InfoMigrants
The confrontation also left some 250 people injured | Photo: Javier Bernardo/AP/dpa/picture-alliance
From file: Detained migrants sit in front of security forces after being returned to Libya in April 2022 | Photo: Yousef Murad / AP Photo
From file:  A view of the port city of Tangiers in Morocco | Source: Public domain
The Algerian Flag on the building of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Algeria embassy in Paris on October 4, 2021 | Photo: Raphael Lafargue / ABACA / Reuters
Ahmed Qatib says he works illegally in the fields in the San Remo region in Italy | Photo: Private
Around 300 migrants are now staying in this informal camp on the edge of Paris | Photo: Utopia56