The town of Fundão rents a former religious seminary and its compound to settle migrants | COPYRIGHT: Maëva Poulet / InfoMigrants
AGIA has carried out many projects with unaccompanied migrant children and children of migrants in Italy. This is one of them. I dream of becoming a famous footballer | Photo: UNHCR (This photo was taken as part of an exhibition organized by the UNHCR and AGIA)
The sit-in organized by Roman multi-ethnic team 'Pineto United' to protest against the definitive shutdown of a migrant hosting center where some of the players live | Credit: ANSA
Pola Sutryk cooks with some of the members of the international team | Photo: Judit Alonso
A  women in hijab casting her vote in Germany
Credit: Seedy Saidykhan
A group of foreign students at school Photo EPA/Archive
An anti-racism rally in Naples, Italy | Credit: ANSA/ Cesare Abbate
Victor Orban and Sebastian Kurz
Ali Can holds talks about his experience as a migrant in addition to his work for the hotline
The AIDRom courtyard. Copyright: InfoMigrants
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