ocean viking

158 people crowded onto two rubber boats were trying to leave Libya, headed for Italy. They were picked up by the Ocean Viking on Thursday, May 19 | Photo: SOS Mediterranee/Ocean Viking
The Ocean Viking is one of several private rescue ships operating in the central Mediterranean Sea | Photo: Twitter / @SOSMedFrance
Disembarking from the Geo Barents after more than a week at sea, May 3, 2022 | Photo: 
Pantelia, Anna/MSF
A photo of the latest Ocean Viking rescue shared by SOS Mediterranee on Twitter on April 27, 2022 | Photo: @SOSMedIntl on Twitter
SOS Mediterranee shared a photo of the latest rescue carried out by the Ocean Viking crew on Twitter on April 24, 2022 | Photo: SOS Mediterranee via Twitter
On Friday, March 25, the crew of Ocean Viking rescued 128 men, women and children from an overcrowded boat in the Mediterranean | Photo: tweet from @SOSMedIntl
A group of 30 migrants were rescued by the Ocean Viking in international waters off the Libyan coast on March 24, 2022 | Photo: Jérémie Lusseau/SOS MEDITERRANEE
More than 50 unaccompanied minors were onboard the Ocean Viking, and some of the migrants had suffered fuel burns | Photo: Claire Juchat/SOS MEDITERRANEE
From file: A picture of the Ocean Viking | Photo: ANSA/OCEAN VIKING
'Immense relief' on board the Ocean Viking after learning that they are to disembark in Augusta, Sicily | Source: Twitter feed @SOSMedIntl
Two migrants on board the Ocean Viking wait to disembark in Augusta, Sicily. November 2021 | Photo: SOS Mediterranee twitter feed @ SOSMedIntl
Migrants aboard the Ocean Viking arriving in Pozzallo, Italy, on August 8, 2021 | Photo: Francesco Ruta/ANSA/picture-alliance