police violence

A French police operation in the migrant camp located near the Calais hospital on September 02, 2020. Every two days, migrants have to take their tents and belongings outside the perimeter | Photo: Mehdi Chebil
A frame of the video broadcast by the program Striscia la notizia showing a group of Polfer policemen hitting two migrants on the Genoa-Ventimiglia train | Photo: ANSA/WWW.STRISCIALANOTIZIA.MEDIASET.IT
Migrants at the border between Serbia and Romania | Photo: Reuters
A makeshift migrant camp in the woods near Velika Kladusa in Bosnia on January 14, 2021 | Photo: Armin Durgut/PIXSELL/picture alliance
A tent camp in the middle of the woods, January 2021 | Credit: Care4Calais
A symbolic picture of Greek police approaching migrants on a highway | Photo: EPA/Dimitris Tosidis
Various evacuations of migrant camps in Paris have drawn international ire | Photo: REUTERS/Noemie Olive
Photo of a migrant who claims he was abused by Croatian police | Photo: Danish Refugee Council
Migrants at the Miral camp show bruises they claim came from Croatian police | Photo: Anupam Deb Kanunjna/DW
Croatian border policemen at the Maljevac border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina | Photo: EPA/Fehim Demir
This migrant tried to cross the border between Hungary and Serbia in January 2020 and shows cuts on his hands. Now stories of violence at other borders are increasing too in the country | Photo: Darko Vojinovic / AP Photo
A new illegal migrant camp has sprung up near Velika Kladusa after several hundred migrants have been pushed out of town centers | Photo: Armin Durgut/PIXSELL