political asylum

Attitudes toward the LGBT community in the Islamic Republic could be described as extremely hostile | Photo: Amin Monfared/ZUMA wire/picture-alliance
Migrants seen walking towards the Slovenian-Austrian border Slovenia in 2015 | Photo: EPA/Gyorgy Varga
Ofpra's head office in Fontenay-sous-Bois | Photo: Ofpra
Juan Tomás Avila Laurel | Photo: Josep Gutiérrez (via DW)
German Claudia Lohny and Syrian Alex Assali found love whilst chopping vegetables to prepare soup for homeless people in Berlin | Photo: Christophe Gateau / dpa
A group of 23 people, including children, arrived on the Greek island of Chios | Photo: picture-alliance/G. Siamidis
Mahbuba (right) is passionate about journalism | Photo: Private
Austria's Interior Minister Herbert Kickl | Photo: Imago / SKATA
Critics say that especially women face persecution in Maghreb states | PHOTO: picture-alliance/dpa/M Messara
More and more Turks are leaving Turkey amid increasing persecution of dissenting voices | PHOTO: picture-alliance/dpa/L. M. Ulander
Many bloggers and activists have been arrested and even killed in Bangladesh for speaking their mind
Ribouar, Ramira, Rizgard, Sarah, Said, and Ahmed at the Farzad Kamangar School in Athens | Credit: EFSYN