Baby Ghazal in her mother's arms at San Filippo Neri hospital, Rome, September 9, 2021 | Photo: ANSA/LAZIO REGION PRESS OFFICE
There is no overarching guarantee or law that grants residency when women give birth in a territory other than their own country
The court in Münster, Germany | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/F.Gentsch
A young asylum seeker looks out the window at a shelter for unaccompanied minorts run by the HOME project in Athens in January 2020 | Photo: DW/F.Campana
At the mother-child hospital of eastern Paris, young mothers learns how to bond with their children
Hadil was only 16 when she had her first child | Illustration: Baptist Condominas
One of Zeinab's paintings she drew after we met her the first time on Lesbos | Photo: Private
A baby, born in Libya, and her Nigerian mother | Photo: Sam Olukoya
Heran M. is awaiting a final confirmation on her status in Germany | Source: Screenshot from Hessischer Rundfunk
The Nigerian woman and her husband were airlifted off the rescue boat | COPYRIGHT: picture-alliance/dpa
A pregnant woman being examined after rescue by Italian NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photos
Pregnancy is not in and of itself a reason to stop deportation in Germany
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