pregnant migrant

From file: The Ocean Viking in Pozzallo, Italy| Photo: Francesco Ruta/ANSA/picture-alliance
Emergency crew were ready at the airport to react to any development - but did likely not expect a mass exodus from the aircraft | Photo: Gian Marco Benedetto/AA/picture-alliance
Credit: InfoMigrants
The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg | Photo: Picture-alliance/imageBROKER

Libyan prisons, where nearly 6,000 migrants are reportedly held, are described as a veritable "hell on earth." | Photo: Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights
A man rescued in the English Channel arrives in Dover, England, on November 3, 2021 | Photo: Gareth Fuller/empics/picture-alliance
Ocean Viking crew rescue migrants at sea | Photo: Fabian Mondl / SOS Mediteranee
Another migrant boat landing on Lesbos | Photo: Reuters / A. Konstantinidis
A young asylum seeker looks out the window at a shelter for unaccompanied minorts run by the HOME project in Athens in January 2020 | Photo: DW/F.Campana
One of Zeinab's paintings she drew after we met her the first time on Lesbos | Photo: Private
Women need not have medical insurance or a residency permit to be treated at the Diakonie AnDOCken clinic in Hamburg | Photo: DW/A. Grunau
Heran M. is awaiting a final confirmation on her status in Germany | Source: Screenshot from Hessischer Rundfunk