proactiva open arms

From file: The photo shows a body among a shipwreck in which a surviving Cameroonian woman, Josepha, is found and rescued, in the Mediterranean, by Proactiva Open Arms's ship 'Astral', 17 July 2018 | Photo: EPA/Proactiva Open Arms
Migrants stand on a petroleum platform in the sea as they wait to be rescued by the Spanish NGO Open Arms during a rescue operation in international waters off Tunisia on September 17, 2022 | Photo: Petros Karadjias/AP
Migrants resting on the Open Arms Uno on August 24, 2022 | Photo: Juan Medina/Reuters
Some of the migrants rescued by the Geo Barents in the Central Mediterranean on August 21, 2022 | Source: Twitter account @MSF_Sea
The Open Arms Uno is seen here docked at the port of Burriana, Spain | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/DOMENECH CASTELLO
Crew on Astral seen looking at the sea offshore Malta on May 17, 2022 | Photo: Valeria Ferraro /picture-alliance/Anadolu Agency
Matteo Salvini with his lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, during a break in the hearing of the Open Arms trial in the bunker hall of Ucciardone, caused by a technical failure, May 13, 2022 | ANSA
A migrant aboard the Open Arms prays during the morning off Lampedusa Island in southern Italy, August 19, 2019 | Photo: EPA/Francisco Gentico
A member of NGO Proactiva Open Arms gives instructions to migrants on a wooden boat as they wait for the Italian coast guard near the island of Lampedusa on September 1, 2021 | Photo: Juan Medina/REUTERS
A group of 30 migrants on the Open arms that reached Porto Empedocle (Ag), from Lampedusa, on the Sansovino ship, August 23, 2019 | Photo: ANSA/PASQUALE CLAUDIO MONTANA LAMPO
Matteo Salvini at a pess conference in Palermo after local judges decided to indict him in the Open Arms trial. The former interior minister is accused of kidnapping 147 migrants who were aboard the Open Arms in August 2019 | Photo: Igor Petyx/Kontrolab/picture-alliance
The Open Arms vessel had been at sea for five days | Source: Screenshot from Open Arms