professional training

A screenshot from a VW video about the refugee charity outreach program | Source: Screenshot from VW publicity video
From archive: An ICE train at Frankfurt main station | Photo: Picture-alliance
Young migrants going to work | Photo: Programma Integra
Over 350 participants attended the first job fair for returned migrants in Cote d'Ivoire | Photo: IOM/Mohamed Diabate
The program "Lehrkräfte Plus" in Germany trains refugees to become teachers | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/F.Gentsch
A carer and a patient in an elderly care center | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/O.Berg
Spanish Red Cross members in Melilla on January 3 assisting some migrants upon their arrival, after they were rescued from a small boat. (Photo: EPA/F.G. Guerrero)
Omid, 19, is a refugee from Afghanistan and takes part in Media Residents trainings
Programma Integra's logo
Members of the initial ReACT-class in Amman (Credit: Lauren Benner, MIT)
A young migrant prepares a dish in the Gustamundo kitchen (ANSA)