red cross

Moving migrants from the Vucjak camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina | Source: IOM Bosnia and Herzegovina Facebook site
Aftab Tariq, 27, from Pakistan, takes a shower at the Vucjak camp outside Bihac, northwestern Bosnia, December 3, 2019 | Photo: AP/Darko Bandic
Alberto Cairo with a patient | Credit: Inx.campagnamine.orgc
Migrants and refugees wait in line to receive supplies from the Red Cross at the Vucjak camp | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa
Photo credit: Italian Red Cross
Missing person reports are often filed by refugees who have lost their relatives during their journey | Credit: Mehdi Chebil
Photo credit: DW/Mostqfigur Rahman
There’s a gaping hole in the floor next to where these men sleep. (Photo: InfoMigrants)
Members of the Red Cross help migrants along the sea front at the border between Italy and France, in the city of Ventimiglia Photo: ANSA/Luca Zennaro
A migrant keeps warm inside a Red Cross tent upon his arrival at Malaga's harbour on April 26, 2018
A man holding a photo of family member who had fled Eastern Ghouta
An image from the graphic novel Credit: Sergio Nazzato and Luca Ferrara