refugee camp

Migrants from Lesvos and Chios disembark from the ferry 'Nissos Samos' upon their arrival to the port of Piraeus, Greece |  Photo: EPA/YANNIS KOLESIDIS
While the majority of migrant children stuck on the Greek Islands are there with their family, there are also those who embarked on their journeys alone | Photo: picture-alliance/A. Tzortzinis
Police in Bosnia have been transferring migrants from the streets of the northwestern town of Bihac to a nearby camp on Monday
Migrants who have been rescued by Frontex being taken to the harbor of Skala | Photo: DW/D.Tosidis
Migrants gathered around a fire in Vucjak | Photo: Reuters/M.Djurica
InfoMigrants visited the Olive Grove in early October 2019
Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/F.Rumpenhorst
Those who manage to reach the Greek islands often do so with traumatic experiences
Selsela is unhappy with her decision to flee, but going back is not an option for her
The overcrowding at the Moria refugee camp has severe consequences, aid workers warn
Two men sharing a meal along the fence of Moria camp| Photo: Aasim Saleem
Ahmed’s asylum request has been rejected and he is unsure what awaits him in Greece