refugee crisis

Merkel was Chancellor for over 16 years, during which time she oversaw the highest influx of refugees to Germany | Photo: John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images
The Nobel literature prize laureate believes that migrants can contribute a lot to their host communities | Photo: Matt Dunham/AP/picture-alliance
Syrian refugees have become increasingly unpopular in Turkey | Photo: Rami Alsayed/NurPhoto/picture-alliance
Migrants confined in the Pabradé center in Lithuania, July 6, 2021 | Photo: Reuters
The Slovenian border fence along the country’s border with Croatia was erected in response to the so-called refugee crisis | Photo Dana Alboz/InfoMigrants
International agencies warn drought, the COVID pandemic and the Taliban takeover could lead to a potential humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan | Photo: Saeed Ali Achakzai/Reuters
From file: In 2015 Syrian regugees started coming to Germany in large numbers | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/S.Hoppe
A handout photo made available by the UN World Food Programme (WFP) shows Ethiopian refugees who fled the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region posing for a photograph in Hamdayet Reception Center, in the border town of Hamdayet, Sudan, 17 November 2020 | Photo: EPA/LENI KINZLI
Migrants arriving in Passau, Germany, in November 2015 | Photo: Picture-alliance
Refugee in Berlin taking selfie with Angela Merkel in 2015 | Photo: Picutre-alliance/dpa/B.Jutrczenka
Migrants and refugees are feeling increasingly welcome in Germany | Photo: Imago
Asylum seekers continue to wait near the riverside of Tundzha on March 5, 2020 in Edirne, Turkey | Photo: Picture-alliance/AA/S.Coskun/A.H.Yaman