refugees in germany

A palace built for August der Starke in the center of Dresden's Altstadt or old city | Photo: Emma Wallis
Refugee children in Gaziantep behind a fence with a Turkish flag on it | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/Moku/U.O.Simsek
An Eritrean asylum seeker goes to the BAMF offices for his interview with those who will decide if he can receive protection or not | Photo: Picture-alliance /dpa/arifoto UG/ M. Reichel
A picture of German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer from the Bavarian Christian Party CSU | Photo: Picture-alliance / dpa/ M. Müller
A picture of models posing as father and son reading together | Photo: Imago images / Westend61 / D. Ingold
View of the Schweinfurt anchor center in Bavaria | Photo: Picture-alliance
"I felt embarrassed around girls. I was not comfortable around them because I felt that I belonged to the opposite sex."
A refugee is handed food after he arrives in Dortmund | Photo: Getty Images/AFP/P.Stollarz
Insurance contract for a new car | Credit: imago/blickwinkel/McPhoto/Erwin Wodicka
Mokhmad Abdurakhmanov is attempting to obtain asylum in Germany | Photo: DW/M.Bushuev
A doctor looks out of a window at a hospital | Photo: Picture-alliance
People with refugee protection are not allowed to travel to their home country