refugees in italy

Syrian refugees at a camp in Mohammara, Akkar province, northern Lebanon | Photo: EPA/Nabil Mounzer
The Gregoretti is a search-and-rescue mission operated by the Italian Coast Guard | COPYRIGHT: Imago/Zuma Press
A migrant waits to disembark from the Spanish ship 'Rio Segura' in the harbour of Salerno, Italy, 29 June 2017 | Photo: ANSA/CIRO FUSCO
The Lazio region’s website against gang masters and the exploitation of agricultural workers | Credit: Regione Lazio (Lazio Region, Italy)
The EU Commissioner for Migration has challenged EU states to find a way of sharing migrants more equally around the continent | Photo: Picture-alliance / AP Photo / O. Calvo
Migrants leave the CARA reception centre in Mineo, after the centre was closed | Photo: ANSA/ORIETTA SCARDINO
Activists from Sea-Watch, Chris Grodotzki, Marie Naas and Ruben Neugebauer hold a press conference in Berlin |PHOTO:EPA/Hayoung Jeon
Italian police have taken possession of the Sea-Watch 3 rescue ship for the time being | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/
Photo: The Terra Aperta logo
The German rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/ Grodotzki
The landing of a little boy, among 10 people authorized to leave the Sea-Watch for Lampedusa, in an image posted by the NGO on its Twitter feed. | Credit: Sea Watch
The NGO Open Arms tugboat in the port of Naples. |PHOTO:ANSA/Cesare Abbate