refugees in italy

A reception center for Afghan refugees set up by the Red Cross in Avezzano, Italy, in September 2021 | Photo: ANSA/Massimo Percossi
A screenshot from the UNHCR accompanying video for schools teaching children about refugees | Source: Screenshot UNHCR video
A freeze frame from a police video of the fire at the migrant camp in Castelvetrano, Italy | Photo: ANSA/Carabinieri
Lucano was hailed as a visionary for using integration as a motor for revitalizing his dying Italian village | Photo: picture alliance/dpa/A. Burgi
From file: UNHCR and Caritas workers offering assistance to refugees arriving via a humanitarian corridor at the Fiumicino airport | Photo:ARCHIVE/ANSA/TELENEWS
Baby Ghazal in her mother's arms at San Filippo Neri hospital, Rome, September 9, 2021 | Photo: ANSA/LAZIO REGION PRESS OFFICE
Migrants arrive in the port of Lampedusa, Italy, on August 28, 2021 | Photo: ANSA/Concetta Rizzo
A homeless person gets a health checkups at a medical mobile unit in Rome | Photo: ANSA/Massimo Percossi
 A welcome sign for a group of refugees who arrived in Rome via a humanitarian corridor | Photo: ANSA/TELENEWS
An image of the 'house for peace' from the website of the Fondazione Città della Pace | Source: Fondazione Città della Pace website / ANSA
Sant'Egidio chief Marco Impagliazzo | Photo: Maurizio Brambatti / Archive / ANSA
From file: Refugees arriving in Salerno, Italy | Photo: M. Amoruso/Pacific Press/picture-alliance