Somali refugees at a refugee camp in Dolo Ado, Ethiopia | Photo: EPA/CAROLA FRENTZEN
Afghan family of four outside the main entrance of Moria Refugee Camp | Photo: Aasim Saleem
UNHCR tents at a refugee camp in Libya | Photo: Picture-alliance/Photoshot
Pope Francis attends the unveiling of a sculpture titled “Angels Unaware” depicting a group of 140 migrants of various cultures and from different historic times on September 29, 2019 | Photo: Vatican press office
Students rescued from an Islamic boarding school by Nigerian police during a raid in Kaduna, Nigeria, 26 September 2019. According to Nigerian police, 300 were rescued after being held at a reportedly Islamic school where many had allegedly been tortured and sexually abused | Photo: Nigerian Police
Kidnapped, tortured and enslaved: Surviving refugee camps in Libya | DW News
Migrants sitting at a tent camp in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Photo: Archive/EPA/Fehim Demir
Abdelhaq is an apprentice beekeeper (l.). He stands alongside a fellow pupil and their teacher, Ibrahim Karout, himself a refugee from Syria | Photo: Anne-Diandra Louarn / InfoMigrants
Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said the clash with Italy could affect diplomatic ties between the two countries | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/B. von Jutrczenka
Worsening hurricanes in the Atlantic could drive increased climate migration | Photo: NASA/NOAA
The statistics show that there are fewer qualifying asylum seekers in Germany | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/Schönberger
About one in 25 school-age children in Germany was born outside Europe | picture alliance