From file: Eritrean youths in Tunisia who left Eritrea in 2018, the year Yonas finally arrived in the UK via a similar route | Tarek Guizani / InfoMigrants
Ukraine topped the list of countries with new internal displacements from conflict in 2022 | Photo: Dmytro Smolyenko/Ukrinform/abaca/picture alliance
The Otash camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Sudan | PHOTO: IOM/Muse Mohammed
Hundreds of Sudanese refugees are seen waiting for food distribution at the Kufrun camp in Chad | Photo: UNHCR/Colin Delfosse/ANSAmed
Photo: AFP/Getty
People from a group of 343 citizens of Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Germany who were evacuated from Sudan disembark from military aircraft at Marka Military Airport, in Amman, Jordan, 24 April 2023 | Photo: EPA/MOHAMMED ALI
Irish Government Direct Provision center at Lissywollen, Athlone, 2013 | Photo: Vukasin Nedeljkovic, Wikimedia Commons
The British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) or Chagos Islands is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the Indian Ocean | Photo: Picture Alliance / CPA Media Co. Ltd
Britain's Royal Air Force flew some of the Afghan translators and their families into the UK in October 2021 | Photo: Roland Hoskins / picture alliance / dmg media licensing
Image: Giuseppe Pipita/ZUMA/ANSA/IMAGO
Mustapha poses in front of the building where he lived with his parents, in downtown Antakya | Photo: Infomigrants
The Swedish national flag | Photo: | Valerio Rosati/Zoonar/picture alliance