rejected asylum seekers

From file: The anchor center for asylum seekers in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt | Photo: M. Balk/picture-alliance/dpa
The German government wants to step up repatriations and deportations | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/S.Willnow
From file: This Catholic church in the state of Baden-Württemberg provided church asylum for an Iranian refugee family | Photo: Imago / EPD Heike Lyding
Austrian border authorities have noted a drop irregular crossings
For some people, this might be as clots as they ever will get to seeing Germany | Photo: Andreas Franke/picture-alliance
Germany's two major churches can offer asylum even to rejected asylum seekers - but are not allowed to actively encourage this | Copyright: R. Fuchs/DW
Juliana Seelmann, a nun at the Franciscan abbey of Oberzell in Würzburg, Germany | Photo: Daniel Karmann/dpa
The German Office for Migration and Refugees has some hefty bills to pay | Photo: picture-alliance/Geisler-Fotopress
At least 1,500 migrants are living in Calais. Many had hoped to reach the UK but since the UK/Rwanda deal, more want to find out about how to apply for asylum in France | Photo: Emma Wallis / InfoMigrants
Screenshot from a Twitter video showing Danish authorities conducting an forced deportation at the Avnstrup asylum center on March 29 | Source:
Mirsa and Selim sold everything to bring their children to Germany | Photos: Arber Bajrami/DW
From file: Migrants at the former camp for asylum seekers in Samos island, Greece | Photo: EPA/Michael Svarnias