Refugees have found temporary shelter in the makeshift refugee camp in the port of Piraeus, Greece | Photo: EPA/ORESTIS PANAGIOTOU
Migrants at the Moria camp on Lesbos island | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/Z.Tzortzinis
Migrants at Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa
From file: Migrants 
 on board Captain Morgan vessels near Malta | Photo: picture-alliance/AP Photo
From file:  Unaccompanied minors board a plane to travel from Athens to Germany, April 18, 2020 | Photo: REUTERS/Costas Baltas
The migrants have been confined to two "Captain Morgan" tourist boats for more than two weeks | Photo: picture-alliance
Children talk outside their tent at the Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesbos, Greece, 8 January 2020 | Photo: EPA/ORESTIS PANAGIOTOU
The number of migrant children on the Greek islands is on the rise. Finland is expected to select 175 of the most vulnerable in order to try and alleviate the humanitarian situation | Photo: picture-alliance/AA/A. Mehmet
Migrants, who live in Moria camp, march from Moria to the town of Mytilini, Lesvos, Greece, 03 February 2020, during a protest over better living conditions and faster asylum procedures | Photo: EPA/STRATIS BALASKAS
A refugee woman with her child walking next to rubbish at the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos island, Greece, 21 January 2020 | Photo: EPA/DIMITRIS TOSIDIS
Syrian refugees who crossed the Evros rover, the natural border between Greece and Turkey | Photo: Reuters/A.Konstantinidis
A Turkish coast guard vessel picks up a migran boat in the Aegean Sea | Photo: Picture-alliance/AA/B.Akay