Decisions handed down by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg are binding - but only apply to the case involved | Photo: Imago Images/P. Scheiber
From file: The scheme came after months of public lobbying and activism | Photo: Cate McCuryy/PA Wire/picture alliance
Press conference for the presentation of the results of the Ikaros operation at the Crotone police station in southern Italy. February 21, 2021 | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA
A person holding up a certificate of a 'Duldung' | Photo: Wolfgang Kumm/dpa/picture-alliance
Germany proposes new path to residency, work for migrants in limbo
From file: Syrian refugees have become increasingly unpopular in Turkey | Photo: Rami Alsayed/NurPhoto/picture-alliance
From file: The court in Padua | Photo: Archive/ANSA
From file: Germany's Interior Minister is promising a whole raft of new migration proposals before the summer break  | Photo: Dursun Aydem/AA/picture-alliance
View of the Palazzo della Consulta, Italy's Constitutional Court, on the Quirinale Hill in Rome | Photo: Angelo Carconi / ANSA
Refugees from Ukraine arrive in Poland | Photo: Reuters
Protesters at Parliament Square in London called for more support for Afghans fleeing their homes on August 18, 2021 | Photo: Alberto Pezzali/AP Photo/picture-alliance
Archive: A Syrian family arrives at Rome's Fiumicino airport | Photo: ANSA/TELENEWS