root causes of migration

Women made up about 40% of all asylum-seekers, while 24% of asylum applications were filed for children under 14 (pictured: two asylum seekers who were transferred from Lesbos to mainland Greece in November 2019) | Photo: picture alliance / NurPhoto
Despite the life-threatening risks involved in irregular migration, hardly any of those surveyed said they would have stayed at home had they known of the dangers | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/Ansa/Eidon/Maxpap/Eidon/F. Frustaci
Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner of the UNCHR
A scene from the play "Backway" by Janet Badjan-Young. She recently won a TAF Icon award from the TAF Foundation. | Photo: with kind permission of Janet Badjan-Young
Agadez, one of Africa's main hubs of migration
Farmers in Burundi
Every week, truckloads of migrants arrive in Agadez, Niger
An image from the documentary. Credit: Mareyeurs
The conference at the Italian Foreign Ministry with Cleophas Adrien Dioma and Paola Berbeglia | Credit: ANSA
Panel at the Africa experts' conference in Berlin (DW/J.Chase)
Mohammed Abdiker (r) and next to him, Sarat Dash (l) IOM Yemen Chief of Mission (both wearing ties) listen to migrants in Sana'a, Yemen. Credit: IOM
A migrant from Center Africa, waiting for a work permit and residence permit in Italy, cleans for free the sidewalk in front of a restaurant in Rome. Photo/Archive/ANSA