Each week, more migrants arrive in the UK using irregular means | Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA/picture-alliance
Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are both hoping to win the keys to Number 10 in September | Photo: PA wire / empics / picture alliance
From file: A member of the military carries a young child after they crossed the Channel | Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA via AP
This plane was supposed to take almost 50 people to Rwanda in June to have the asylum claim processed there | Photo: Reuters
Protesters in front of the Home Office ahead of the first flight which was subsequently grounded | Photo: Reuters
This processing tent is erected next door to Hope Hoste in Kigali, where migrants from the UK are expected to be taken | Photo: Victoria Jones / PA Wire / picture alliance
Former Rwandan refugees from the Congo | Photo: InfoMigrants
London's claim that Rwanda is safe for migrants is misleading | Photo: Victoria Jones/Empics/picture alliance
Pro-refugee protesters march in London on Saturday, June 18, against Nationality and Borders Act and Rwanda policy | Photo: Vuk Valcic / Zuma / picture alliance
The plane that was grounded stands on a British military airfield, stopped from taking off by an ECHR decision at the last minute | Photo: Vudi Xhymshiti / AA / picture alliance
The deportation plan has drawn widespread protest | Photo: Getty Images via DW
Those opposing flights to Rwanda for asylum seekers in the UK demonstrate in London on June 13 | Photo: Reuters