salvini decree

The Open Arms was given permission to enter Italian waters | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/Sea Watch/F. Bungert
Migrants harvest tomatoes in Puglia | Photo: Sfruttazero
Sea-Watch3 captain Carola Rackete leaves the Court after being questioned by prosecutors | Photo: ANSA
The Sea Watch 3 from the coast off the island of Lampedusa | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/ELIO DESIDERIO
Photo: The Terra Aperta logo
Lampedusa's migrants' doctor Pietro Bartolo | Photo: Ignacio Pereyra
Former Riace mayor Mimmo Lucano curing a press conference on the end of a campaign to collect signatures to candidate the Riace municipality for the Nobel Peace Prize. Credit: ANSA/ETTORE FERRARI
Law enforcement in front of the centre for repatriations in Ponte Galeria, in Rome | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/FABIO FRUSTACI
A young migrant disembarks from the Sea-Watch 3 search-and-rescue ship as they dock in the port of Catania, Italy, 31 January 2019 | Photo: ANSA/ORIETTA SCARDINO
An archive image showing two women who disembarked from the Italian Navy ship Etna at the port of Salerno. |Photo: ANSA/Cesare Abbate
Liberi Nantes, a ‘Terza Categoria’ (Lowest level of amateur football in Italy) team in Lazio, made up of refugees and asylum seekers. | Photo: ANSA / Roberto Tedeschi.