save the children

A child at the the al-Hol camp in Syria | Photo: Getty Images
Immigrant families whose children were born in Italy | Photo: ANSA/Alessandro Di Marco
In Germany, children live in asylum seekers centers alongside adults | Photo: picture-alliance
The logo of the 'Little Invisible Slaves 2019' report | CREDIT: SAVE THE CHILDREN
Children carry Syrian revolution flags and placards during protests in Kafr Nabl town, Maarrat al-Nu'man District, rebels-held Idlib province, Syria, 14 September 2018 | Photo: EPA/STR
Photo: Picture-alliance
Refugees in Friedland, Germany | Credit: REUTERS
The Syrian refugee camp shelters in Arsal are set for demolition | Photo: Khaldoun Zeineddine
Many children in Syria have never known a life outside a refugee camp | Photo: Picture-alliance/Sebastian Backhaus
Radwan, 6, holds a shovel in front of his family's tent in the Al-Nour IDP camp in rural Idlib, Syria | Photo: ANSA/UNICEF PRESS OFFICE
Child returnee in Afghanistan | Credit: Save the Children
Child in the photo did not participate in the research | Credit: Save the Children/Zubair Shair Sherzay