sea rescue

A coast guard cutter that rescued a boat carrying migrants from North Africa, including several women and children, arrives in Lampedusa on August 3, 2020 | Photo: ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MEO
Former prosecutor Gherardo Colombo, on the right, alongside volunteers from the ResQ - People Saving People association, which aims to conduct rescue operations for people in distress at sea. Milan, July 29, 2020 | Photo: ANSA/DUILIO PIAGGESI
A handout photo of migrants on the Ocean Viking | Photo: Picture-alliance/SOS Mediterranee/Flavio Gasperini
Life vests drying after an operation by Sea-Watch 3 | Photo: Sea Watch
Migrants rescued by the Maltese authorities in March | Photo: Reuters
Migrants from the Talia cargo ship Migrants disembark at Boiler Wharf in Senglea, Malta, on July 8, 2020 | Photo: Picture-alliance
The Ocean Viking | Photo: Picture-alliance/Zuma Press/F.Peonia
Italian team of doctors on board the Ocean Viking | Photo: Picture-alliance/SOS Mediterranee/F.Gasperini
Migrants sit in a rubber dinghy awaiting rescue in the Mediterranean Sea | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/O. Calvo
A Turkish coast guard vessel picks up a migrant boat in the Aegean Sea | Photo: Picture-alliance/AA/B.Akay
Despite being in the spotlight following her arrest in Italy last June, Carola Rackete says the real heroes are "the people we encountered at sea who survived so much more than crossing in an unseaworthy boat." | Photo: Reuters
From file: 10 migrants are rescued in the Engish Channel on May 10 | Source: Twitter @premarmanche  (Préfet maritime Manche - mer du Nord)