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Photo: RFI/Elise Gazengel
Migrants disembark in the port of Valetta, Malta, on April 13 after being stranded at sea onboard the Alan Kurdi for 10 days | Photo: Picture-alliance
Alan Kurdi rescue ship | Photo: Sea Eye/Fabian Heinz
Crew members wave from the bow of the search and rescue vessel Aquarius, of the NGO SOS Méditerranée, as the ship arrives in the port of Marseille, France, 29 June 2018 | Photo: EPA/Guillaume Horcajuelo
'Alan Kurdi' rescue ship | Photo: Sea Eye/Fabian Heinz
Open Arms Proactiva founder Oscar Camps.| PHOTO: ANSA/Giuseppe Lami
The migrants just before the rescue by crew from the 'Alan Kurdi' on April 3, 2019 Photo: Fabian Heinz/picture alliance/dpa
There is only one non-governmental rescue mission active in the Mediterranean at the moment | PHOTO: picture-alliance/dpa/Fabian Heinz/
The European Union has stopped most search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean | Photo: picture-alliance
Migrants disembarking in the port of Catania, Italy from the Sea-Watch 3 search-and-rescue ship, which was carrying 47 asylum seekers. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/ANSA/ORIETTA SCARDINO
File photo of refugees and migrants waiting to be rescued off Libya in February 2018 | Photo: picture-alliance/AP Photo/O. Calvo
FILE: Spanish journalist Helena Maleno after receiving the ''Guernica Award for the Peace and Reconciliation'' in Guernica, Spain on April 26, 2018 | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos