sexual abuse

Niger is a popular transit country for many migrants in Africa | Photo: Silas Adamou/MSF
Migrants and refugees from sub-Sahara Africa in Egypt are increasingly reporting instances of racial abuse
Migrants saved by private rescue missions are brought to European ports, while those intercepted by the Greek coast guard are taken back to the war-torn country | Photo: ANSA/STRINGER
An Italian police officer from the Squadra Mobile | Photo: ANSA
Ahmed Maiteeq, Libya's deputy prime minister, on DW's Conflict Zone recorded November 15, 2019 in Paris  | Photo: DW/A. MacKenzie
The migrant route from the Horn of Africa to Saudi Arabia through Yemen is one of the fastest growing migrant routes in the world
Two migrants scaling a fence during clashes at Moria in September 2019 | Photo: Reuters
IOM workers have observed a steep increase of young women and girls arriving from Ivory Coast | Photo: REUTERS/Antonio Parrinello
The porn industry is quick to catch up with current events, including the refugee crisis | Photo: Colourbox
A baby, born in Libya, and her Nigerian mother | Photo: Sam Olukoya
The migrants will be settled at a transit center south of the Rwandan capital, Kigali | Photo: Imago/robertharding
These migrants were seen at the Njila detention center after fleeing a camp near Libya's Tripoli airport amid violence between rivaling groups | Photo: EPA/STR