The final vote on the migrant decree in the Senate chamber, Rome, 20 April 2023 | Photo: ANSA/RICCARDO ANTIMIANI
Coast Guard rescue operations with two boats in distress off the Ionian Sea on April 10, 2023. | Photo: ANSA / Guardia Costiera
As the winter weather eases, the frequency of attempted crosses tends to increase | Photo: Picture-alliance/ROPI/Sea Watch/N.Jaussi
Debris from the ship in the aftermath of a deadly migrant shipwreck in Steccato di Cutro near Crotone, Italy, February 28, 2023 | Photo: REUTERS/Remo Casilli
Picture shows crosses at the site of the shipwreck off Cutro in Calabria, Italy | Photo: ANSA/CARMELO IMBESI
Siful from Bangladesh is one of 17 survivors of a shipwreck that took place on March 12 off Libya's coast | Photo: ANSA
March 11, 2023: A solidarity protest to remember the victims of a shipwreck in Cutro, Italy, that claimed more than 70 lives | Photo: PHOTO/ARCHIVE/ANSA/FRANCESCO ARENA
Boat that reportedly capsized on March 11 photographed by a Sea-Watch surveillance aircraft | Source:
Map showing the Italian island of Lampedusa (red marker), the Tunisian port city of Sfax and Malta | Source: Google Maps
Italian Interior minister Matteo Piantedosi | Photo: ANSA/Maurizio Brambatti
Toys are placed near white coffins of the victims who died in the migrant shipwreck at Crotone's Palasport in southeastern Italy | Photo: EPA/Carmelo Imbesi
(Picture shows mourners near the coffins of victims who died in a migrant shipwreck off Calabria on February 26, 2023. ANSA/CARMELO IMBESI)